Real mermaids of mako island found by professor mandelhoffs

real mermaids of mako island Series h20 just found filmed caught on tape amazing add water season Little Melody Disney three four sightings stories

professor mandelhoff a cripto zoologist goes to the real life mako island to film the mermaids in there natural habitat


About cyraxandflyrax

WE INVESTIGATE ANOMALOUS ANOMALIES AND TENUOUS PHENOMENA THAT THE POWERS THAT BE TRY TO HIDE FROM US.THE VOICE OF TRUTH AND REASON & FREEDOM OF SPEECH Im a hard nosed ultra realistic scientific journalist & ufo investigator /Skeptic..that used to work in the upper echelons of the defense industry until they realized I had found out 2 much i have training and experiences with intelligence equipment, special electronics, black programs, and cryptological areas, .Flyrax is x special opps & is now a tamicron clinical psychologist and Michael jackson lookalike.professor mandelhoff is a underwater researcher and a cripto zoologist and has discovered many new species of mermaids,sector tarbyloid is our famous celebrity investigator and stared in the hit tv series city of the geeks wich never aired
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154 Responses to Real mermaids of mako island found by professor mandelhoffs

  1. cleveland robinson says:

    great site, i like all of your videos ( when are you going to put on the video called mermaids are real ) the one that shows the dark haired mermaid swimming up to the camera ?

  2. aaron says:

    I really dont know what to think at the moment…i dont get why they had to make mermaids look evil and scary honestly. Who are they to judge whether or not they are bad or good? I do believe in mermaids, and not just because of the video, and i dont see why anyone could have enough hard headedness not to. who are we to judge whether something is real or not, especially when we havent even seen half of the ocean’s realm, let alone the vast many creatures in it. How could we possibly know something for a fact if we dont even have any proof against it, let alone if we know close to nothing about it or its world. im mean come on, people! open your eyes! You cant go judging anything before u know about it or its home, or even the tons of other creatures that live underneath the suface, that you cant even imagine with your narrowed minds. Think about it this way, they didnt even know about microbes, viruses, ect. a few hundred years ago, because they had no proof! and now we try to prove there is no such thing as mermaids when we havent hardly even scratched the surface of what lies beneath the seas! thats sad in my opinion and almost prideful. as for people turning back and forth into mermaids, i do believe this is possible. i mean i dont know much about genes or cells, but if they could cause themselves to have some kind of gene mutation, or something, then i belive that it is possible.

    • Maddie says:

      Your so right what if all this stuff is fake what if it’s real the mermaids in Harry Potter r weird and evil looking and h20 mermaids r just humans that r magical I guess who can we believe I mean like real people we should keep it on the same type of mermaid. And the new tv show mako:island of secrets is going to be weird cuz there’s going to be three mermaids and one merman!!!????!!!!???

    • Kaitlyn bwattali says:

      i believe in mermaids too….i dont believe that mermaids look like they put out to be in the video.. i heard that proffesor mandlehoff accually is a brain washer, that is why every now and then it would put a pic. of a girl that looked evil for half a second (PHOTOSHOP!!!)…..i agree with you and think you are correct about why everyone attomatically judges the way mermaids are…..i also heard that only a desendent of a mermaid cant be brainwashed

    • Brittney says:

      OMG! It’s like you got in my mind and said my words! Honestly, even if they were bad I wouldn’t WANT to believe it.

    • Hatanna says:

      I think your right!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one that thinks that way I think me and u should talk a little one on one about this. I have always wanted to be a mermaid and I would do anything and I seen this one video on how to become one and it seems real to me.

  3. Jamie says:

    I have always believed they are real, people just believe that because they don’t see it makes it unreal, but to bad more people don’t believe.

  4. Bretagne lynch says:

    I rly wanna know if mako island us real no joke.

    • je-an says:

      me too., i really wanna know ., i wonder if it makes people become a mermaid .

      • Faith says:

        Well it does but maybe??? But it could be fake and just on H2O…….
        I always wanted to be one….. And I herd that people say if u see one or if they see u you’ll die….????? IDK,….. But how do u believe I like to do spells about they how to become one all the time…….. But there’s one that said: if u don’t believe it will still work you’ll see!!!?!?!?,….?!?.??,,?&&$$)/,!$$&?.?!&!”&$!”!

    • says:

      Mako island is real and I Believe that the mermaids are to bury idk if they really like like this I do Believe that there could be a possibility that they do.

  5. marissa says:

    hey i want to be murmaid from when i was 10 but i dont now if they r real so will find it at mako island make sure u going after the full moon

    • emma (mermaid) says:

      THIS IS FOR MARISSA= I HAVE A SPELL FOR YOU! IT WORKS I TOLD MY BFF GINA AND IT WORKED………..HUMAN WHEN DRY MERMAID WHEN WET THE RAIN does nit matter it can not change me but a single drop of water will . a human when dry a mermaid when wet and to have the power of(say what powers you want) and to have a tail the color of (say the color).a human when dry a mermaid when wet when wet gills are not needed just a big breath that lasts 30 minutes a human when dry a mermaid when wet i will my tail and powers in one week i will get my tail one minute after being wet this is my wish a human when dry a mermaid when wet.

      before you do the spell it has to be dim not bright the whole time your saying the spell get in a tub of salt and water you have to have a charm or earings say the spell SLOWLY….it has to be dim because its kind of dim in the ocean i know beause im a mermaid and thats no lie email me at

      • yoy says:

        what is the spell emma?

      • Maddie says:

        Hi have u seen h20 well if u live in my shoes u would now where they shoot the movie at and all the special effects and camera tricks

      • brianna says:

        Hi . I love love love love (it goes on for ever) MERMAIDS. But I tried this spell with my bff and it did not work, that got me really sad she was 2. well we are going to try it again but this time does it have 2 be in the bath tub well we put are feet in a bucket . we also did it in the closet and put a flash light on we did put a charm neclace on so doent get me wrong but why do we need to were them

      • john says:

        aha prove it send a picture me britney want to be one help me plz call me at 6259495 plz help me plz if yr really a mermaid

      • dary says:

        prove it send me a picture at

      • Makayla says:

        Does it have to be on a full moon???!!

      • kiki says:

        omg Emma i love Ur tail and i be leave that this spell is gonna work and all but one small question in real life r u a real mermaid and what about Cleo and Rikki r they mermaids in real life too?

      • kiki says:

        what about rikki and Cleo plz reply thx

  6. emma says:

    i AM a mermaid i just change when i wnt to

  7. DeeDee says:

    i am going on a full moon then u can become a mermaid

  8. tiarra says:

    did you find a spell or any thing

  9. elisha says:

    Hello i think mermaids when Thay come out of water thay dry up is it because there like vampires.

  10. elisha says:

    Hello i think mermaids when thay come
    Out of water and thay

    dry up its because the

    Sun like vampires.

  11. elisha says:

    Hello i think mermaids when thay come
    Out of water and thay

    dry up its because the
    Sun like vampires.

  12. kayla says:

    this wed site gave lot of infro and i keep going on this wed site for more help about science

  13. kayla says:

    this wed site is hlepful

  14. kayla says:

    i wish this wed site tell how to become a mermaid cause i like how mermaid swimming

    • Amanda says:

      if theres a spell to become a mermaid or anything like that tell me because iv been dreaming about being a mermaid all my life iv been discovering about mako island thank you if you tell me bye bye

  15. nonya says:

    when i looked on google to see if mako island was real, it said no. i was sooo discouraged and iv wanted to be a mermaid since i was in like 6th or 7th grade and now im in 8th. im like always thinking about swimming and mermaid and the ocean. ill even put one tights leg on both of my legs and put my flippers on. oi know what your thinking,”are you sure your in 8th grade??”. and yes i am. i will always believe in mermaids and when scientists or who ever finall discovers the’re real then i can say i told you so to who ever doubted me.

  16. daisha says:

    hey I think mermaids are real! but not evil!!!! some arnt evel thoe check out hannah fraser and I think mako island is real I did some reasurches on mako island!

  17. lover says:

    meraids are real or not

  18. Annie says:

    How can I become a mermaid I really want to be one with my

  19. Maddie says:

    Im kinda like a mermaid I can dive and swim very well some people say I should go in public like that’s going to happen me and my friend Riki r awesome it’s really weird I met her in high school as a Freshmen and a friend named Emma oh and there’s Bella

  20. Cindy says:

    What i think is that , they should have SOME researchers to go back to Mokato or whatever that place is ! I think they should have some safety gear that won’t be able to get harm when / if the mermaids do attack . I believe that mermaids should live down deeper and shouldn’t be in the surface as much . Why not have a person who dresses up as a mermaid to go with . Hannah Fraser , she can hold onto her breathe as if she is , she loves the ocean / sea !

  21. RACHEL says:

    I ur really a mermaID SEND ME A PHOTO OF U AS A MERMAID

  22. Christal Gale says:

    I cant believe I literally saw a merman at least a week ago in the water of the river.I think they live in more places as that island because I saw one.The poor boy must have been freezing unless mermen can withstand cold weather & water because I heard on the news that the water was 40′.
    The weird thing was that after 4 hours I was in the front of my house and a boy came up to me resembling the merman and asked me “Why do you pay attention to the water so much I was almost invisible and you noticed me?” then I told him of my love for nature and how I felt about discovering new things he helped me see more.So now as long as he’s with me I can explore as much as I want without being fish food(not trying to offend Dewler -merman).So every time I walk around dangerous areas or go hiking or swimming he goes with me but he’s not always there he needs to be in the water certain amounts of days or hours to survive.
    He’s “5’7” with jet black shoulder length hair,narrow yet very handsome bright blue eyes,light 6 pack,killer smile and his tail is a purple,blue,and green silk’d color mixed.
    I’m not an adult I am still very young but my mind is that of a 23 year old.I am only but 15 years old.This boy that has revealed so many secrets I must not say has changed my way of life in under a month.He has made me grow very fond of him that it’s not even funny.I know it’s not magic because of a reason I can’t say but I feel I am falling in love with him so fast ____ ____ it’s like now I’m different than I was now I’m not afraid of anything except fire I’m \ \ / /
    always confident I’ve always got hope and… my physical strength is at an all \ /
    time high. I love you Dewler!!! \ /
    Everyone I am a true believer of the mer people and their powers!!!!! \/

    • Camryn says:

      Were do you live I would love to mert you and this merman.

    • Lolstate says:

      That was Sooo…………! …….Supid :/

    • Hatanna says:

      Hey I’d love to here more about your story and Dewler. For the past few days iv been researching the internet for truth being of mermaids and mermans. I’m 12 yrs old Ik I’m pretty young lol I have red hair and I’m 5″3. Iv wanted to be a mermaid for a while lol but never really got into it. But any way my research has been good and I think there real. I have a few questions for u and if u could ask Dewler some to. Like if it’s possible for me to turn into a mermaid or anything. I use to want to be a vampire lol as dumb as that sounds but I never got into it like I have been into mermaids. I’d really appreciate it if u could get back to me on the whole thing I have a kik and snapchat and a phone and email but I’d rather not give u my phone number bc of like being on the internet and all. But my kik username is halarson1 and my snapchat username is halarson I also have a Instagram if u want me to prove my age and stuff my username for that is hatannalarson but ok I’ll let you go bye.
      P.S. Please get back to me it would mean a lot to me if you did.

  23. Christal Gale says:

    Not a week sorry meant to say 4 months ago!

  24. janisse says:

    Why u guys don’t beleave I’m about to be one when I’m done with collige I’m going too Australia and I’m goin to find mako island and no can stop me. My friend toldi me a story that happen in 1720 that a girl she new that her great(8) grandma became a mermaid and no she is still alive. I miss her so much and she came over to see me soliloquy jahah I’m not losing like other people do/:’/

  25. Camryn says:

    I truly believe these facts and hope that when I am old enough I too can discover more than you but use most of your facts to help. I am only in middle school but have done a lot of research so I hope I can have a break through when I’m older.

  26. Fi says:

    Let’s say this video is real. And I doubt it is, cause some of the dialogue in it was questionable and the nature of the video in general seems bent on merely disturbing its viewers. Not educating them. But if it is…then the Mako Islands, like Area 51, are going to be extremely protected. So don’t bother trying to go there, or you may get shot (or eaten). I wouldn’t bother trying to contact any mermaids, either, if they exist. It sounds like they are highly intelligent beings, just as smart if not smarter than we are. Smart enough to bribe Disney to keep his mouth shut. If we do too much poking around, it could upset them and they could make a deliberate attack on our entire race. If they are real, than they’ve done a good job not only staying illusive, but peaceful as well…just by not coming near us too often. It sounds like they would be highly dangerous. There’s also enough mythology suggesting that they are man eaters. I know it’s mythology, but if so many accounts state that mermaids are dangerous, then maybe there’s a little bit of truth to it. Anyways. If mermaids are real…it’s probably safer to just not go near them at all, even to satisfy any scientific curiosity. If one of them wants to reveal any secrets…it will.

  27. Michelle says:

    I wanna be a mermaid whn I touch water

    • Liz says:

      but that will be hard for ur life be cause when you go on a swimming field trip u can’t go swimming no matter how much u love the water

  28. bunnyGOTHICA says:

    well true. Good point there Fi. I agree with you. All i can say, our universe is still a mystery to us. They can be exist or not. But I believe like this. If we believe they exist, even 1 person… Then they will exist. We are uncertain and full with curiosity. But curiosity can kill us sometimes. so better be careful. There are a reason why we are born as human and not mermaid. Thou, if there is a way to become one… then we have choices in front of us. whether to take it or not. Human being have the tendency to be someone, or to do something than what we usually do (deviance). Like, for example. Breaking the rule. We have that urge conscious or unconscious, to break any rule given to us. Or when we see other people who is better than us, we tend to be one because we think that is cooler than being you yourself.

    anyway, i don’t dare to make fun of stuffs like this. Cause there is probability in every angle of this vast universe. Its just our knowledge is a bit limited or closed because we only believe if everything can be explain using science. without science then its impossible. Like maths, calculating a number. proven using a calculating methods. But at least in maths we have INFINITY. undefined, or cannot be solve.

    Just curious. I know this site is about mermaid. But just wanna ask if any of u experience that, every time you look at the sky, or sea or forest.. your heart feel like you have strong connection with it. and you feel like you live your life before this with all of this element. I mean. like…. you have a feeling that you have some history with the sea, sky and forest. as if you had live with them long ago really2 live. Like, past life.. I’m not really into reincarnation thing but.. anyway.. This thing stuck inside my brain since i was 7 years old. -> in case anyone interested to answer this seriously. If u know something, please share with me. thanks. πŸ™‚

    • malone says:

      not true infinity=space time loop as in one you do something then time rewinds and starts over from the beggining and no matter what you do it can not change the government, is hiding stuff only because we as a race are not ready for the truth trust me i know in 16 and my dad is a speical high person even higher than presidents,he sade its on a scale of 1-50 the peresident is at level 44 hes at 49 he has @#@@$ to it some times they even let me go with him and they come frome orion belt because thats the aleins home,mermadis come from a star named gllose 86 and are smarter then use they came here cuz there whole planet has explodeed and has no more water, were as our planit is 99% water at first they did not look like us they look like us now because they are now hibrids the have mated with use thats why some hummans did not know, they were hibrids tell they craved water and then transformed and there birth parents could not take care of them and left them at a highly used warehouse or local fish market.

  29. Shae says:

    I bleave in this

  30. lisa says:

    i belive…… now how can i become one

  31. Felicia says:

    OMG I totally wish I was a mermaid! I have wanted to be a mermaid for sooooooo long! ‘n’ the weirdest thing is my best friend is called Emma! There is a girl in one of my classes called Bella I never talk to her but maybe I should lol its fate πŸ˜‰

  32. Whitney long says:

    Emma I’m so serious ok i have looked up how to become a real mermaid on YouTube and I have tried every last spell ok so if u could just txt me or call and explain this to me bcuz I’ve always wanted to b mermaid with all my heart my fav movie is Ariel I watch every episode of h2o so if u r real I NEED U TO CALL ME AT 704 9421998

  33. Whitney long says:

    Anyone please I’m begging u with every last bit of my being help me become a mermaid and a Q: to anyone who can answer is it a bad idea to do this ifu don’t live near I ocean like I live 1-2 hours away from Myrtle beach by the way I’m going into the 8 grade and. Am 12 will b 13 July the 28

  34. taryn says:

    ive always belived in mermaids im only 13 and people bully me for beliving in them email me if you find more mermaids send pics of them to me thank you
    good bye, Taryn lyn

  35. Lina lee says:

    I always wonder is mako island a real place according to those videos❔❔

  36. i know were mako ild is not in australea if ben its so cool

  37. Lolstate says:

    Okay guys Do you really think Mako island is real!? Seriously its from a T.V show! you know On teenNick, Teen Nick! they probably used a greenscreen Duh! Oh!
    and Youprobably think Alien surf Girls are real! smh well good luck with trying to foo yourselfs in becoming a Mermaid

    Love, Diana xOxO

    • Aliza says:

      Well I love mermiads why people make them look evil because humans get scared and then that animal gets mad because that human is so scared of the mermaid and the mermiad gets out of Hand and attack my friend is a mermiad she nice when you reason with her am be nice but she will swim awaya if your mean to her she’s an ocean girl mermaid she doesn’t get a tail tell age 25 and for now she has feet that look like fins they are forming into a tail her legs are turning colars she has this amazing power to control the weather.its amazing she can make it rain and she feels it very time a mermiad is attacted or killed they feel each others pain but humans are mermaids too because 1.8illion years ago ther was a group of our ancestors when the earth quake was about to hit one group jumped in the ocean an the others went to land witch would be us so ether way humans are connected to the water.

  38. katie says:

    wow now i know that mermaids are real i also know they are not kind beings they are beasts people under estimate.

  39. katie says:

    i am trying to find mako island on every dependable website but i cant find it. i don’t get it. it does exist because professor mandelhoff proved it!!!!!

  40. katie says:

    i won’t give up

  41. katie says:

    i found something on h20 but that’s fantasy right they mentioned mako island???

  42. molly says:

    REALLY? (im being sarcastic)

  43. molly says:

    can we see the evidence

  44. Natalia Bold says:

    Can u pleeeeeeeeeeeese tell me where macko island is i want to become a mermaid please please please!

  45. mermaids are real says:

    Well I don’t know about you people but I think that they are real and if you disagree with me tell me your profe exactly. So there maybe no right or wrong answer.

  46. Truc Danh says:

    When a moon is full jump in the moon pool of mako island. Open your eyes in the water. Then you’ll be a h2o mermaid with 2 sorts of powers do it and check out your powers. Don’t know if it works my first spell try it.

  47. Aliza says:

    Well I love mermiads why people make them look evil because humans get scared and then that animal gets mad because that human is so scared of the mermaid and the mermiad gets out of Hand and attack my friend is a mermiad she nice when you reason with her am be nice but she will swim awaya if your mean to her she’s an ocean girl mermaid she doesn’t get a tail tell age 25 and for now she has feet that look like fins they are forming into a tail her legs are turning colars she has this amazing power to control the weather.its amazing she can make it rain and she feels it very time a mermiad is attacted or killed they feel each others pain but humans are mermaids too because 1.8illion years ago ther was a group of our ancestors when the earth quake was about to hit one group jumped in the ocean an the others went to land witch would be us so ether way humans are connected to the water.

  48. or says:

    mermaids are real they are scary vicious and they can attack and kill u they are very dangerous they are very ugly and scary looking too dont ask were i know this from i just do.

    • Leslieee says:

      When I was a little kid, I had a dream about a mermaid and that she saw me and then she pulled me in and did something to my feet and I became one.. I’ve believed in them ever since.. but funny thing is…. when i woke up their was water all over me,like if I had just taken a shower. Trust me, it was not Pee xD

  49. Yuka says:

    I have watched all the videos and seemed to fall in love with the so called dangerous mermaids. To me it seems they fought in fear and because they did not like who was there. I honestly believe that mermaids can be a friendly race and if given time we can learn to understand each other. Mermaids are not only limited to salt water like we are lead to believe. I have found mermaids in the lakes where I live but only at night when I swim.

  50. Liz says:

    I would die to be a MERMAID then any of u guys i would even kill myself i want to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a mermaid so much i would give anything up ! ANYTHING U! ANYTHING!
    P.s. all of u guy who say ur a mermaid o please if u were one then u would not tall anyone! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :0 toolues! πŸ™‚

  51. Liz says:

    tell i mean

  52. Liz says:

    oh but there r mermaids in south africa and kiryat yam i am not telling a lie but be careful i sear to god there r

  53. Inquized says:

    I would like to learn more about Hitlers involvement.

  54. kylie says:

    I relly want to be a mermaid. but I dont know where mako is…lol

  55. Faith says:

    I’m board can some one PLZ talk to meh!!!!!!!!!! 😦 :)…,

  56. jessa says:

    i think mermaids are real and mako island too i love mermaids ❀

  57. kristy says:

    I really liked that video i kept pausing it to show my sister the mermaid!!!!!!I really want to see if i can find mako island on the internet.

    p.s………i love mermaids.i am only watching my mermaid show called h2o just add water.

  58. kristy says:

    i would really like to learn more about mermaids and mako island.

  59. amber says:

    Omg i Knew i saw one when i whent to the beach!

  60. Leanne says:

    hey can someone plz help i’m kinda despite to become a mermaid i’m just sick and tired of my family treating me like shit if i believe something i believe no one gonna strop me from believing so can someone show me there tail plz send here thxxx 1 thing if i were to jump in my pool tonight a midnight when the full moon is in the position would that work plz reply thxx guys

  61. mermaid lover not believer says:

    oh guys so many of you are saying that youve been to mako and tryed it but there is no way u did that coz mako isnt real!!!! so just stop saying all that stuff about how you went there and tryed it already coz i know u are a liars!!!

  62. Ashlie Davis says:

    If professor mandelhoff says mako island is real then where is it located?

  63. Deshauna says:

    That is not real and y’all are making little children scared of mermaids

  64. Patricktifft says:

    We’re is mako island can you com to bring me please

  65. SONARIE says:

    I dont believe mermaids are real untill i will finally see one myself,also mako is not real so guys stop being dilusional,u guys say u want to be mermaids,do u really want to spend your entire life hidx from sailors & humans? dont be stupid ok? u think beix a mermaid is so cool but u dont know the dark side of it,its just a fairytale ok,movies make it looks like fun but trust me,its no jokx matter,r u ready to get stuck in a tail your entire life? u think mermaids like the way the way they are? u r so wrong about that cuz just like us,they want to be able to walk on dryland

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