Professor Mandelhoff Has Been Shot in Raid on Cyraxandfyrax

cyraxs, and flyraxs ,secret base was raided ,in the early hours, on tuesday the tenth of may, the men in black, are thought to be involved ,as many top secret ufo stories had been exposed on there award winning you tube channel, the channel has been terminated ,as well as professor mandelhoffs mermaid blog, mandelhoff was shot in the leg, and has been taken in to custody
Vodpod videos no longer available.


About cyraxandflyrax

WE INVESTIGATE ANOMALOUS ANOMALIES AND TENUOUS PHENOMENA THAT THE POWERS THAT BE TRY TO HIDE FROM US.THE VOICE OF TRUTH AND REASON & FREEDOM OF SPEECH Im a hard nosed ultra realistic scientific journalist & ufo investigator /Skeptic..that used to work in the upper echelons of the defense industry until they realized I had found out 2 much i have training and experiences with intelligence equipment, special electronics, black programs, and cryptological areas, .Flyrax is x special opps & is now a tamicron clinical psychologist and Michael jackson lookalike.professor mandelhoff is a underwater researcher and a cripto zoologist and has discovered many new species of mermaids,sector tarbyloid is our famous celebrity investigator and stared in the hit tv series city of the geeks wich never aired
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