cyrax and flyrax taken out by nasa

we have left utube now on viddler

flotation device ambient chill


About cyraxandflyrax

WE INVESTIGATE ANOMALOUS ANOMALIES AND TENUOUS PHENOMENA THAT THE POWERS THAT BE TRY TO HIDE FROM US.THE VOICE OF TRUTH AND REASON & FREEDOM OF SPEECH Im a hard nosed ultra realistic scientific journalist & ufo investigator /Skeptic..that used to work in the upper echelons of the defense industry until they realized I had found out 2 much i have training and experiences with intelligence equipment, special electronics, black programs, and cryptological areas, .Flyrax is x special opps & is now a tamicron clinical psychologist and Michael jackson lookalike.professor mandelhoff is a underwater researcher and a cripto zoologist and has discovered many new species of mermaids,sector tarbyloid is our famous celebrity investigator and stared in the hit tv series city of the geeks wich never aired
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2 Responses to cyrax and flyrax taken out by nasa

  1. sirese struk says:

    i get harassed by aliens alien telepathy transmitting from an illeagal alien
    satellite in space Ive been working with the government on my case now for
    ten months the harassment is from a ship near Mars I know there is life on
    mars the government told me the official that my name is written
    on Mars and the Mars rover took a picture of it my name among others
    there is more to it them that I am not an alien and I do not claim to know
    these beings this is not asking for attention as I am the opposite
    im telling people in the alien UFO circuit I had not idea there was so
    much life on Mars I told the government official im working with with
    my case that i would be telling people in the ufo alien circuit about my
    harassment the government official claims its coming from a ship
    near Mars that mars and the ship teleport back and forth
    My name is Sirese my number is 239-595-4163 or
    i live in Naples Florida

    • sirese struk says:

      Sirese Struk I ran into a police officer hybrid that had a stalking whatever towards
      me stalked me I didn’t know he was an alien hybrid nothing ever happened and
      he made it some kind of statement and this is the result the activity and whats
      happening now.
      Sirese 3/30/2014
      your sight is interesting thankyou
      its very imformative
      I visit your sight its very imformative
      as I live my normal life and am very busy
      thankyou for your sight
      thankyou again
      sirese struk

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